Student Research Brief Submission Template

Education Special Issue Spring 2020

Instructions: Please use the following template for all student research brief submissions to the Journal of Vincentian Social Action Education Special Issue. Student research briefs will highlight results from faculty-guided research projects and should be submitted jointly with a faculty sponsor. Briefs should include the sections detailed below, total approximately 1,000 words in length, and include up to 3 total tables and figures.

Research Brief Title:

Student Name:

Faculty Sponsor:


Provide readers with an introduction to your study. Background for your study may include a problem statement and/or a short summary of prior research. Be sure to include a statement of what will be covered in this research brief. For example: “In this research brief, we will examine…”

Study Details

Briefly describe the setting and sample of your study, as well as the data that was collected and analyzed in your study.


Provide readers with a summary of the key results of your study. You can use tables and/or figures to illustrate your results. These will be pasted in the Tables and Figures section below, and you can reference them in text in this section. For example: “Our results show that… (see Table 1).”


Describe what your research findings mean for educators, researchers, and/or policymakers. You may also use this section to discuss what future research or work is needed in your topic area.


Include an APA formatted reference list in alphabetical order for all sources cited in your brief.  Due to space limitations in the formatted brief template, we request including no more than 5 total references.

Tables and Figures

Paste all tables and figures referenced in your Findings section here. Be sure to include titles for all tables and figures.