Health Care Special Issue Spring 2020

About the Health Care Special Issue

This special issue of the Journal of Vincentian Social Action seeks contributions dedicated to Health Care and Social Justice. With the many questions being raised about Pharma, Health Care Insurers, Hospital Managers, as well as the future of the ACA, Medicaid, and Medicare, there are many issues that particularly affect the poor, elderly, and marginalized members of society.

The challenges are many, and therefore for this special issue we welcome the submission of manuscripts that address topics of concern associated with the plight of the poor in health care acquisition, the ethical question and moral obligation of providing health care to non-citizens, why prescription drugs are so expensive (the PBMs, patent extensions, exploitation of regulations that hurt the consumer, etc.), the opioid crisis, and many others.

If you have questions concerning the content for this special issue, please contact Dr. Robert A. Mangione (

About JoVSA

JoVSA is published biannually with special issues throughout the year, engaging the greater community in the service of the disadvantaged.

The journal provides a scholarly forum for those working to address community-defined needs; a forum where practical solutions are presented to address the plight of the disadvantaged and needy. Measurement and assessment of these efforts connecting action to outcome are a critical component ensuring positive results and real change in the lives of the disadvantaged.

Marc E. Gillespie, Editor-in-Chief

Anthony Marziliano, Assistant Editor

Robert A. Mangione, Special Issue Editor

Manuscript and Submission Guidelines

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but must be received by April 2020 to be considered for publication in the Health Care special issue. All manuscripts must be submitted to Dr. Robert A. Mangione (

To meet publication standards of JoVSA, all manuscripts submissions must adhere to APA formatting guidelines and will be peer reviewed.  

General author guidelines can be found here.

If you have questions about submitting an article to the Journal of Vincentian Social Action, please contact the editors.

Call for Papers – Special Issue

Title: Global Conflicts, Wars, and Crises: Voices from the Margins
Editors: Tuija Parikka & Sejal Singh
Deadline for Submissions: December 1, 2018
Publication of the Special Issue:  Spring 2019


Conflicts, wars, and crisis have been viewed by many scholars as an integral part of human existence and communication. Yet researchers have pointed out that contemporary global conflicts, wars, and crisis have challenged the common perception of wars as disruptions between periods of peace. The vast majority of armed conflicts today are not fought by nation states and their armies but rather informal entities, such as gangs and warlords using small arms and improvised weapons. Women and other minorities are becoming primary targets and suffering unprecedented casualties. Simultaneously, women are emerging as necessary partners in brokering lasting peace and forging new international laws governing conflict; thereby reframing our understanding of peace and modern warfare.

There is an urgent call for investigations and explanations beyond war-peace binaries to ponder competing ideologies, power relations, meaning-making and social dynamic at large in the realm of the transnational public sphere.  At the dilution of many of the traditional boundaries, this multidisciplinary special issue seeks to specifically, but not exclusively, pay attention to the voices from the margins – subaltern voices perhaps rarely articulated in the global arenas, yet profoundly affected by practices and cultures of warring.
Instructions: Interested contributors are asked to submit articles (max 8000 words), to the editors (, by Dec 1, 2018. All papers are subjected to peer-review and submission does not guarantee publication. 


JoVSA is a biannual peer reviewed scholarly publication engaging the local, national and global community on issues of poverty and social injustice in the service of the disadvantaged. Rooted in the Catholic and Vincentian tradition, we are dedicated to active research and direct service to those most in need.